BAC pool systems

BAC pool systems GmbH + BAC pool
systems AG

Cover systems for
public swimming pools

Europe-wide sales
Individual solutions for your
outdoor pool - indoor pool - hotel pool

Premium Pool-

Optimized processes
for short delivery times

Production, sales,
technology and engineering.
All under one roof.

BAC swimming
pool covers


Security-,slatted covers,
insulating and protective covers,
all from one hand

Perfectly prepared for the
outdoor swimming pool season

With BAC
large pool

Save energy &
reduce costs - warmer water
for more bathers

BAC - Quality with passion!
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Einblicke in unsere Produktion

Wir haben der Fachzeitschrift haus + wellness für die Ausgabe 04/05 2020 unsere Werkshalle geöffnet: Daraus entstanden ist ein gelungener Artikel über unsere Produktion am Standort Ettlingen.

Wir wünschen viel Freude beim Lesen! 

Hier geht es zum Artikel 

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