Cladding for ACOE

Competitively priced protection for ACOE roll-up mechanisms

Suitable for slatted covers or Isola pool cover

Cladding for ACOE is a low-cost alternative to the classic bench/recliner, which protects the rolled-up pool cover from environmental factors such as dirt and sunlight. Cladding for ACOE is available in three sizes and is suitable for slatted covers as well as for Isola, the floating sheet cover. Cladding for ACOE is a free-standing design, which has at most one intermediate support depending on pool width. It is not suitable for use as a bench or recliner.

Cladding for ACOE with white slatted cover

Cladding for ACOE features ABS plastic on the front end, which supports the aluminium cladding profiles on the sides. The cladding profiles are powder coated for added protection against environmental factors. These cladding profiles are reinforced with polymer foam to increase stability.

Because the front plastic elements are attached to the support panels of the roll-up mechanism using special mounting panels, retrofitting existing ACOE series systems is quick and easy.

A separate 3D animation does not necessarily exist for every product version. Detailed information on the selected version can be found in the individual text below the illustration. For reasons of illustration, the plant widths are kept very narrow.


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