Submerged-mounted system cladding

As underwater seat or completely submerged-mounted

The underwater cladding provides a border between the slatted cover system and the actual swimming area of ​​the pool. It is available as a bench or can be housed in a floor channel. Since no drilling in the pool walls is required, it can be installed easily and quickly with an extremely low risk of leaks in the pool.

White submerged-mounted cladding as bench

The underwater cladding consists of a free-standing frame made of stainless steel pipe, which supports the PVC profile cladding. In order to keep buoyancy and therefore the static load of the pool low, the profiles feature holes on the front ends, so that they fill up with water.

The following alternatives are available in addition to the PVC profiles:

  • The underwater cladding features a stainless steel sump to facilitate on-site tiling during construction
  • The underwater cladding features PVC plates to facilitate on-site foliation during construction.
  • Delivery of the basic frame construction, so that the full cladding is installed on-site

A separate 3D animation does not necessarily exist for every product version. Detailed information on the selected version can be found in the individual text below the illustration. For reasons of illustration, the plant widths are kept very narrow.

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