Protective netting

Edge-mounted winter covers

Protects the pool from leaves, dirt and small animals

This seasonal cover can be quickly and easily mounted on the edge of the pool by one person, making it ideal for shorter periods of use. It is attached by means of flexible elastic tensioners, which are secured to retractable ground anchors. If the protective netting is not needed, it is folded quickly and can be stowed so as to save space.

Pool covered with green protective netting

Manhole cover made of a tear-resistant polyester fabric that is UV-stabilized and also has an anti-fungal coating.

This seasonal cover reliably protects the pool against contamination and therefore reduces cleaning effort considerably. At the same time, it also reduces the danger of permanent discolouration of the pool lining due to the tannic acid contained in the foliage.  

Further protection is provided by the small animal net, which prevents them from falling into the pool. 

If increased safety for humans and animals is not play an important factor in your purchase decision, the protective netting offers the ideal season cover for your pool.
This year-round cover is available in different versions, which differ in terms of edge support and chafe protection.

A separate 3D animation does not necessarily exist for every product version. Detailed information on the selected version can be found in the individual text below the illustration. For reasons of illustration, the plant widths are kept very narrow.


Edge design