Safety cover

Our BAC safety cover

Safety for your loved ones and your pool

Simple, one-to-one safety cover that ensures the greatest safety for both humans and animals. The safety cover is closed by simply rolling it onto the pool by means of a draw belt. The pool is opened by rolling up the safety cover with a hand crank. The safety cover meets the safety requirements of the NP P 90-308 standard and offers the highest level of safety for humans and animals. The cover protects the pool from dirt and reduces evaporation and therefore reduces energy loss through the water surface. The flexible guying points allow fast adaptation to local conditions. In this way, even extraordinary pool shapes can be realized.

Grey safety cover on wooden deck

Safety cover consisting of high-strength sheet reinforced with aluminium tubes separated by a distance of approx. 130 cm. Drainage holes are positioned in the areas between the reinforcement tubes to allow rainwater to pass.

The safety cover is available in the NovaTrend, Multiversal and SwissTop versions, which differ in appearance and technical design and guarantee optimal coverage of the pool for the respective application.

Complemented by snow beams, the safety cover can also support increased snow loads without any problems and is therefore also ideally suited as a winter cover.

A separate 3D animation does not necessarily exist for every product version. Detailed information on the selected version can be found in the individual text below the illustration. For reasons of illustration, the plant widths are kept very narrow.


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