Cover for SwimSpa

Roll-up sheet cover

Stops evaporation and guarantees maximum energy savings

The lightweight and easy to use cover for SwimSpas. The cover is easy to roll up and extend thanks to its flat and flexible design. To cover the pool, the sheet cover is simply unrolled with the draw strap of the roll-up mechanism and pulled over the pool. To uncover the pool, just roll the cover up using by crank handle. The edge-protecting underside of the cover prevents damage to the pool head.

Swimspa with roll-up mechanism

The SwimSpa cover is made of our proven insulating cover Isola, which is reinforced by aluminium profiles located on top. This allows this light cover to rest on the edge, without coming into contact with the water. The Isola pool cover consists of three layers that give it outstanding properties:  

  • Top: Fabric-reinforced, extremely tear-resistant sheet cover made of particularly UV-resistant material, which gives the cover its high mechanical strength.
  • Middle layer: Closed-cell PE foam to reduce heat loss through transmission. 
  • Bottom: Abrasion-resistant, chemical and microbe-resistant polyethylene sheet

Suitable for pools up to 6 m long x 3.5 m wide.

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