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Our Quadro cladding can be placed over the ACOE roll-up mechanism when mounted outdoors! Clear in design and extremely stable in execution, this cladding protects your roller shutter and fits perfectly into your garden appearance with different colors or materials.


Sipo Mahagoni

The basic body of the Quadro consists of a robust tubular frame made of stainless steel, which is of self-supporting construction. The cladding elements are hooked into the frame by means of fittings and locked.

The cladding can be covered with PVC profiles in white or gray colors, or with untreated Sipo mahogany wood. The end faces of Quadro are made of solid stainless steel panels, which also house the key switch of the roll-up mechanism. Optionally, the end faces can be made of the same material as the rest of the cladding. If desired, the Quadro can be supplied as a frame-only construction. Using the suspension fittings supplied, cladding can be manufactured and installed on site. A radio remote control is available as an option.

The Sipo mahogany cladding is supplied by BAC as untreated. We recommend immediate treatment with a suitable wood preservative. For protection and maintenance, this treatment should be repeated at regular intervals.