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protective netting

Safety net with BAC-clip

Tree leaves, branches and other contaminants do not want to see in your pool! Therefore, we have the perfect protection for your pool for the transitional seasons-our Protective net. UV-resistant and fungicide-coated PVC material in combination with a stable and tear-resistant carrier fabric provide reliable protection against leaves, dirt and prevent smaller animals from falling into the water.



If you want to ensure a snow bearing capacity for your safety net, you have to support it with reinforcing spars!

The protective net designed in the keder variant. Here, an additional polyester rope attached into the seam. Along the edge, the supplied BAC clips clamped to the keder at a distance of approx. 1 m. Here, the position is freely selectable, which allows adaptation to local conditions or already existing fastening points. By means of rubber clamps, the Protective net quickly and easily hooked into the ground anchors located in the pool edge. To support the Protective net, there are tensioning straps underneath the cover.

Another keder model is the Protective net with Edelstahlösen