Floating sheet covers

Quality in 3 layers: Isola insulating cover

Isola is a sealed, smooth sheet cover that consists of three layers. It floats on the water and protects your swimming pool from cooling down in three ways. On the one hand, it prevents heat loss through evaporation thanks to its sealed design. On the other hand, energy loss due to transmission is reduced thanks to the PE foam closed-cell layer. In addition, energy costs for dehumidifying the room air of indoor swimming pools are also reduced as well as the risk of building damage, e.g. mould due to damp. The Isola multilayer sheet cover consists of three layers that give it outstanding properties. 

  • Top: reinforced fabric, extremely tear-resistant PE sheet cover made of UV-resistant material
  • Middle zone: pyramid-shaped insulating foam
  • Underside: abrasion-resistant, chemical and microbe-resistant polyethylene sheet as vapour barrier and protection for the insulating foam

Thanks to its design, the Isola achieves the best K-value of a heat-insulating cover and has been used with great success in municipal pools for many years. The cover is rolled up and extended onto the pool using a roll-up mechanism. The Isola is made up to a size of 12.5 x 50 m. Depending on local climatic conditions, a longitudinal wind-safety set is installed in the deck. Available in blue or grey.

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