Covers for municipal spas

Benefit as a planner from 40 years of experience!

Covers for municipal spas

For 40 years, we have been assisting planners and operators of public swimming pools and hotel spas with complete energy optimisation.

In addition to the development, planning and installation of cover systems, our range of services also includes comprehensive advice during the project planning phase. We’ll help you to identify real energy savings potential and perform reliable payback calculations.

The largest single reason for energy loss of a swimming pool is evaporation and to a lesser extent radiation and convection. The heat lost through evaporation is almost 600 times higher than the heat energy required to heat pool water by 1 °C.

Energy and cost savings can be achieved through passive measures.
A heat-insulating cover brings energy savings of up to 60%.
Our BAC swimming pool cover systems excel in this area.



Surface-mounted roll-up systems

Submerged-mounted roll-up systems

Cladding (deck mounted)

Cladding (submerged-mounted system)

Enormous savings for optimising operating costs

  • Reduction of water loss due to evaporation out of service hours (at night or in bad weather)
  • Higher water temperatures
  • Reduced need for chemicals
  • Reduced risk of algae formation

Other arguments in favour of a BAC swimming pool cover

  • Perfect integration without disrupting bathing
  • Time-saving operation
  • Reduced carbon footprint for environmental sustainability