AV 643

The roll-up mechanism for large pools

Ronda stationary slatted cover light-blue

This roll-up mechanism can be used stationary and mobile up to a pool size of 50 m.

The mobile roll-up mechanism is pushed away from the edge of the pool using swivelling floor rails.

Repositioning is performed either manually or electrically, depending on the requirement.

To supply the repositioned roll-up mechanism, we also offer various depot versions (claddings).

The roll-up mechanisms are made of high quality, electropolished stainless steel.

Roll-up mechanisms are also offer in special versions, depending on the structural requirements.

We provide the right solution for practically any situation!

A separate 3D animation does not necessarily exist for every product version. Detailed information on the selected version can be found in the individual text below the illustration. For reasons of illustration, the plant widths are kept very narrow.

End panel


Winding shaft