LIDO bench cladding

Suitable for our Rollfix rollfix system

Provides additional seating and reclining area by the pool

The LIDO is a sitting/reclining bench with integrated slatted cover roll-up mechanism. This discrete housing protects both the roll-up mechanism and cover. The LIDO’s free-standing design enables quick and easy installation at the pool edge. By default, the LIDO lies along the front sides and one long side on the pool edge. On request, free-standing solutions, which are only placed on the front sides or are fixed on one side to a wall, are also possible.

Lido bench cladding with white slatted cover

The basic body of the LIDO consists of a robust tubular frame made of stainless steel, which is designed as a free-standing structure. The side cladding elements are easily hung in the frame using the existing fittings. 

The LIDO can be clad with PVC profiles available in wither white or grey. As an alternative to the PVC profiles, cladding made of untreated Sipo mahogany wood is also available.

The ends of the LIDO are clad with stainless steel panels which also house the winder key switch. Optionally, the front can be covered with the same material as the sides. 

If desired, the LIDO can be delivered as a base frame construction with integrated roll-up mechanism allowing on-site cladding to be used.

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