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Isola cover


The floating Isola cover from BAC looks not only good but also helps to hold the heat in swimming pool. The weatherproof multi-layer cover suits exactly to the shape of the swimming pool and saves lot of energy by using less water treatment products. Save and extend the bathing pleasure!


light blue
light grey

The multi-layer Isola cover has a thickness of 6 mm and floats on top of the pool water. It consists of a smooth, dirt-repellent and UV-stabilized polyolefin layer, closed-cell PE foam in pyramid Imprint and a chemical- and germs-resistant polyethylene film as a vapor barrier.

The handling of Isola is so simple. By using hand lever or with motor driven can roll the cover on to the shaft and can unroll the cover from shaft on to the water after swimming. What are the possible options offered from us, could find under roll-up mechanisms deck mounted Isola. When the Isola roll on to the shaft, it should covered. We recommend using sun-protection cover from BAC. The heat-resistant cover with special material can easily roll around Isola when Isola rolled up on to shaft and tighten with rubber clamps.

The Isola is not fully automatic cover. It should be guiding during rolling und unrolling.

The standard Isola Is delivered with a floating pipe and a guide rope. A wind-permeable net with a 90 cm or 180 cm length is using for attachment to the winding shaft.

In case of using the roll-up mechanism with motor-driven system, the cover needs to make with an ejection aid. It consist of four shutter slats, which are connecting to the front side of the cover and ensure that the Isola runs in the right direction.

  • Can be optimally adapted to almost all pool shapes
  • Maximum pool size 6 m x 12 m
  • Always use a sun protection cover when rolled up on to shaft
  • Maximum recommended water temperature 32°C
  • Not fully automatic cover
  • Smooth, absolutely closed water cover