Pool covers for private pools

Every swimming pool is different - BAC always offers the right solution!

The right pool cover for your swimming pool

BAC is the only manufacturer to produce all common cover types. Benefit from our extensive product portfolio and choose the swimming pool cover that’s just right for you. Thanks to our machinery, our technical department and our specially trained sales department, we are also in a position to respond flexibly to special adjustments to price list items.

  • All cover types: Safety cover, protective netting, insulating sheet cover, slatted covers
  • Various roll-up mechanisms for underwater and deck mounted installation
  • Cladding cover systems for covers and roll-up mechanisms to protect equipment and for perfect integration with the pool

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Edge-mounted covers

Edge-mounted pool covers are mounted on the edge of the pool and do not come into contact with the water. They are therefore usually used only in pools in which the water level is below the edge (skimmer pools).

Floating covers

Floating pool covers are wound onto a shaft using a roll-up mechanism, uncovering the pool. Slatted covers can be operated with both deck mounted and submerged-mounted roll-up mechanisms. The primary function of these covers is to reduce heat loss at the water surface.

Roll-up mechanisms (deck mounted)

BAC deck mounted rollers are high quality, durable and optimized for easy installation. From manual cranking systems to fully automatic winders with remote control, we offer solutions for every requirement.

Submerged-mounted roll-up systems

Total comfort with invisible integration in the pool. Submerged-mounted system roll-up mechanisms enable elegant and technically impressive installations, especially if the pool cover is taken into account during the planning stage.

Cladding (deck mounted)

The deck mounted cladding protects your pool cover and bathers. A secondary function as a seat or recliner means no valuable space is wasted around the pool.

Cladding (submerged-mounted system)

BAC submerged-mounted system cladding can be configured for all types of flooring, allowing perfect integration into any pool, regardless of whether it is a soft-sided, fibreglass or tiled pool.

Ratings table

Pool covers

Energy savings

Evaporation barrier & insulation


against pollution


Personal & pet protection

Comfort Price
Slatted cover

Floating slat cover


Available as solar version

+ +

Optionally with special measures


Electric, fully automatic

Isola pool cover

Floating insulating cover

++ + o


Elec./manual, semi-automatic

Safety cover

Edge-mounted safety covers


Available as solar version

++ ++

Certified according to the highest safety standard


Manual with hand crank

Protective netting

Edge-mounted net covers

o ++ o o ++