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AV643 public

Large covers require large winding devices! The AV643 from BAC reliably rolls and unrolls Isola covers from public baths. Various designs and additional options allow use in almost any situation.

The stable side plates of the retractor are made of electropolished stainless steel. The unit is particularly robust, easy to clean and ideal for use even outdoors. Winding shafts with a diameter of up to 306 mm and a stable bearing enable the operation of covers with the dimensions 50 m * 12 m.

The AV643 is available in both stationary and mobile versions. The mobile series can be equipped either with swivel rollers or with grooved rollers. The movement of rewinders with grooved rollers can be motor-driven or manual, depending on the size of the cover as well as customer requirements. For the operation of the winding shaft, a radio remote control is optionally available.

  • The opening and closing of the pool must always be carried out with a view of the pool!
  • When installed outdoors, the system must be protected by a cover or a sunshade.
  • For pool lengths of more than 35 m, a reinforced float tube and a discharge device should be used.