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Isola cover

Isola public

BAC's Isola is also essential in public pools. Its low weight makes it possible to cover even large water areas efficiently and yet easily. This can reduce energy costs by up to 60 %. Especially for large areas a reasonable and sensible investment!


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In the public area, the Isola cover is usually moved with electrically operated winding devices. The winding devices can be moved away from the pool during swimming. Swivel- or grooved rollers versions are available for this purpose, which are moved manually or by motor, depending on the size of the cover. For very large covers, an additional pull-off device supports you. The floor rails can be easily folded in front of the roll-up mechanisms devices, if required, so that the pool perimeter is completely free. Even more unremarkable for the bather is a hydraulic lifting platform, which is lowered into a shaft together with the cover during bathing. To protect the Isola from excessive exposure to the sun or even manual damage, we offer variously designed depots with different folding flap designs. However, at least one sun protection cover is essential when used outdoors.

To prevent too much water store on top of the cover when it rains, drainage holes are added for outdoor pools. Furthermore, the use of wind protection is strongly recommended for outdoor pools. Stainless steel ropes attached to the sides of the pool and anchored in the pool surround keep the cover on the water in moderate winds. In stronger winds, however, the cover must necessarily be taken off the water. A PVC rod is used as a guide, which is attached to the cover by means of a hemstitch and can be operated with a pull rope.

  • Maximum cover size 50 m x 12.5 m
  • Store in the depot when rolled up or cover with a sun protection cover
  • Recommended maximumwater temperature 32°C
  • Wind protection is NOT storm protection