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Front panel

If the roller shutter cover is installed in a backpack shaft, the front panels from BAC offer you different options for covering the shaft opening. Practical and individual. This is how to save energy from behind the scenes!


PVC sheets
Stainless steel
Stainless steel tubs for tiling

Mounting flanges made of V4A stainless steel attached to the side of the basin wall serve as attachment points for the front cover. This is where the trim elements are hung. In the event of maintenance, the facings can simply be unhooked.

The front cladding with PVC profiles in white or gray is available in 2 heights. Versions with PVC panels for foiling or with stainless steel trays for tiling or on sight are also available and can be individually configured in height. These versions use sturdy tubular frames made of stainless steel as supporting structure.