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slatted cover

Rollmatic polycarbonate-pro

BAC Rollmatic PC-PRO! Unser High-End-Profil verbindet alle Vorteile eines PC-Profils mit einer speziell abgeschirmten Hakenkammer. Eine bestechende Optik in Kombination mit minimiertem Algenwuchs, Schutz vor Verdunstung und zusätzlicher Erwärmung des Wassers. Energiesparen war noch nie so schön und sauber!


solar blued
solar crystal clear
solar green
solar silver
solar smokey

Four-chamber profile with very high buoyancy. UV protection both inside the material and on the surface sustainably prevent becoming brittle and yellowing. Profile dimensions 60 mm wide and 15 mm thick. A special intermediate web additionally prevents light from entering the hook chamber, thus reducing algae growth to a minimum. The “solar silver” version has been tested with the class 2 hail resistance certificate, the cover of the “solar blued” version even with the hail resistance class 3.

In order to prevent the cover from floating in pools with an overflow channel, hinged finger deflectors are attached to the slats. In the case of Roman steps or in the area of ladder cutouts, catch clips are used to prevent the cover from rolling over.

  • The slatted cover must be covered for above floor varient
  • Stable all-rounder for almost any installation situation
  • High-quality, classy surface finish
  • Additional pool heating by transfer of solar energy
  • Minimal algae growth due to special hook chamber


• Hail protection certificate for BAC Rollmatic PC-PRO "solar blued"
• Hail protection certificate for BAC Rollmatic PC-PRO "solar silver"