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submerged-mounted slatted cover

Nautilus Top

Top quality for retrofitting! The under-floor roll-up version Nautilus Top is designed for retrofitting in your pool. The slatted cover is rolled up just below the water surface. This way your pool can be covered professionally and comfortably even without previous planning. Energy saving in the second step!

Two stainless steel side plates can be lowered into the pool complete with shaft and integrated tubular motor. The standard attachment is made by drilling holes above the waterline. The side plates, the winding shaft and the housing of the underwater drive are made of V4A grade stainless steel and are equipped with our BAC PC 20 control system.

Optionally, the Nautilus Top can be ordered with additional base plates. This eliminates the need for mounting holes in the pool wall and anchors the system in the pool head. The base plates can be covered beneath the curbstones. The cable is guided in a concealed groove in the side plate up to the lower edge of the curbs. Operation is done by means of a key-operated switch. A radio remote control can be added for optimum operating convenience.

  • Opening and closing must always take place with direct view of the basin
  • Under a wooden shelf “disappears” slatted cover in the wound state