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BAC pool systems Public pool Rotkreuz

Public pool Rotkreuz

Between Lake Zug and the Rooterberg lies the municipality of Risch-Rotkreuz in Switzerland. They have renovated and modernized the outdoor pool in 2022, paying special attention to saving energy. For this reason, those responsible turned to us to jointly plan a cover for the pool.

The result is two Isola covers in light gray, each with an AV643 retractor and radio. In addition, electric pull-out devices for easy handling were installed by our fitters from Switzerland. To protect the cover from strong gusts of wind, additional wind guards were attached to the covers.

Do you also have a project and are still looking for a suitable cover for it? Then let our experts advise you. Simply send us an email with your query and contact details to kommunal@bac-poolsystems.com.

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