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BAC pool systems Safety Cover Novatrend lightblue

Novatrend film project

In the spring of 2022, we were allowed to shoot a product film at an end customer, where the focus was on our roll protection cover “Model Novatrend”. The roll protection in light blue integrates perfectly into the colorful pool environment. An individual cut-out was incorporated for the side ladder rails.

The roll protection is fixed with three long, retractable ground anchors, as well as three wall anchors, whereby the required stability can be guaranteed. With correct bracing, the cover can provide the highest possible safety for humans and animals. This was especially important to our customer, as she owns a dog that loves to romp in the garden.

Watch product video now.

Technical data


Novatrend in light blue


9,09 m x 3,78 m


3 x wall anchor 9 cm
3 x floor anchor 40 cm


Cutout for the entry area

Our solution: Novatrend/Novatrend-K

Unsere Rollschutzabdeckung Novatrend bietet Sicherheit zum kleinen Preis. Gewebeverstärktes PVC-Material mit eingearbeiteten Stangen aus eloxiertem Aluminium bietet bestmöglichen Schutz. Die Abdeckung schützt das Becken vor Verschmutzungen und minimiert den Wärmeverlust.

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BAC pool systems Rollschutz Novatrend
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