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deck mounted Isola cover

Lifting platform public

Discreetly hidden below the pool perimeter during bathing operations, BAC's elevating platform accommodates the insulated cover of public pools. At the end of operation, the accessible platform is raised hydraulically and the cover can then be pulled over the water. The (almost) invisible way to cover a pool!

The system consists of a sturdy stainless steel frame. The lifting platform is raised or lowered by several hydraulic cylinders. The required hydraulic unit is located in a separate control cabinet, which is positioned e.g. at the edge of the pool surround. The shaft cover can be provided with floor plates or another floor covering on site.

Up to a basin width of 12.5 m, the lifting platform from BAC is available with a winding device. For wider pools, two separately driven winding devices are installed. The lifting system is operated from a separate control column; the winding motors are switched by means of a key switch or radio remote control.

  • The opening and closing of the pool must always be done with a view of the pool!
  • For pool lengths of more than 35 m, a reinforced float tube and a discharge device should be used.